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Your in luck, Tim can supply front hubs and rear shafts with your choice of pcd...



Hi to all,

I have already done a group buy of these hubs for some members and am looking to put another together. I need a minimum of 7 sets (14 hubs) to make it worth while for my machinist.

Options available:

5 x 120PCD with 72.5mm Spigot for mounting BMW wheels as per pictures


5 x 120PCD with standard spigot diameter.

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?lol? If you re-read my first reply, you can have any PCD! (ps 5 x 120mm is also a vauxhall/opel fitting) to be sure ping Tim an email!

Although it may be more encomonical to use 4 stud to 5 stud wheel spacers....its up to you....

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:brick 17" elite wheels on a mk1 Cav. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..What about ATS Classics instead. 17's belong on Puntos and other such pieces of 5hite. Ok so it's your car, but do old cars look good with massive wheels ????

Yes, it they're the right wheel, and the cars done right....

Planning on putting 18's on mine!

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