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jim cbr

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Hi all, have been popping onto the site now and again over the past while and have decided to take the plunge.

I have had a number of Opels over the years, never had a Manta but have had a fair few Asconas of which I still have a white 2 door 2.0 SR. Its been off the road for a long time now. It started out ok then needed welding for the MOT. While it was off the road I got myself a 4 door then managed to stuff that into a lampost. Thought I would be able to rescue the 2 door and use a lot of the parts from the 4 door, but then some plonker set the garage I had it in on fire. So I still have the 2door, just not enough time/cash to work on it.

Anyway good site and hope to meet a few of the local Opel fanatics soon.


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