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Also depends on what Manta you're on about or rather what the springs are designed for. With an early B like my current project then a 55-60mm drop is about right because it sits so high in the air as standard. GTE's are already low in comparison to the other mantas so anything more than -35mm would be horrible. 1.8's you can get a way with a bit more, not so much that they're taller standard also but the lighter engine means you can buy GTE springs that are more than a 35mm drop (for a GTE) but still give a reasonable clearence.

As for wheel scrubbing, I've seen some big bastard wheels on many a lowered manta and I think it's a case of making sure the offset is bang on for the increase in wheel width.

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cool cheers lads, got manta 2.0 gte hatch, 83, so think im gonna go 40 mm. should have plenty of space for wider wheels as the arches have been modified.

The front axle/frame is all apart now, started painting in silver, but gotta get me a new bush set, probs the poly bush, bloody expensive though lol.

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Using 14" Ronals with 195x60 tyres my Manta GT/E at -30mm is about as low as I can take it without hitting Road Bumps or sitting on the cars bump stops.

The front crossmember tow eye catches on my dropped kerb as it is. With Billies (Streetline) as shocks the ride is acceptable without being harsh and the handling has improved tremendously. From my experience if using the above wheel/tyre sizes -30mm is as far as I'd suggest going.

With 15" 195x50 even -30mm would be pushing it. With 195x60 or 205x60 would take -40mm.

Remember the Offset will also determine how the wheel sits and doesn't scrub on turning (left/right) - the Ronal is about 30 so you would require a offset of 25 to 30 to sit nicely in the arch.

Good luck with your choice.

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dunno which springs to get either 40 mm or 55mm drop, thinking 55 may scrub but depending on what size wheels i use. any suggestions. cheers.

I had a 60mm drop on mine, took about 1.5" off the bump stops so it didn't bottom out and it was fine, hard ride but fine. The wheel clearance is tight but ok.

Just for info if you compare the rolling radius of a 195/60 14 to a 195/50 15 the 14" wheel is actually a larger figure, therefore a slightly taller tyre so the 15" should be the better to go for BUT most people stick them on a 7" rim so then you get clearace issues.

As for scrubbing yes you do get a bit but the manta suspension design leads to that any way. You can put a bit of positive camber on by turning the top ball joint through 180 degrees, not much but it will help. Any way a bit of negative on the front gives better cornering so just think of it that way!!



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I have a 40mm drop on my Cavalier coupe with spax gas adjustables and am running 15"x7" alloys with 195/55/15 tyres.

It is as low as I would go at the front but the back could go a wee bit more. I do not have any issues with speed bumps even with a 3" bore exhaust.

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