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Steel Sheet


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I'm about to start on my quest of getting the manta back on the roads after about 13 years of not being taxed.

Was wondering what gauge of steel to use for floors and rear quarters, when I worked at Nissan it was all thin stuff, about 0.7mm.

Wondering weather its worth going for 1.00mm-1.20mm.

Also does anybody have any tips as to where to get the stuff, B+Q is a bit pricey and its too risky for my ex colleagues to smuggle things out of the car plant any more.


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the quarters will be patch welded and bodged mate, in no stretch of the imagination do I believe that I am competent enough to panel beat one of them!! :o

anyway thanks mate, I'll have a word with the local fab shop and see what I can scrounge

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I would use 1-1.2mm sheet for the main panels (wings,1/4s,etc). Chassis sections go for 1.6mm. My Dad is a time served panel beater and car restorer (had the rep of take him a bucket of rust and he'll build you a car!!!!!) and reckons thats the best gauges to use.

I've used thinner stuff myself but i found that even though i cut all the rust out and replaced with clean metal rust seems to come back just round where you repair. Once rust gets in it seems to be there for good. Using a thicker gauge seems to make the repair last a bit longer.



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