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Hello From Lithuania


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I have opel manta b 1977 2.0e. I am going to restore it and get it in good condition. Also I am thinking about v8 project. I am looking for bmw v8 engine, but I haven't seen that somebody has fitted it. Why does everybody use rover engines?

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The Rover engine is a Buick/Oldsmobile design, so you still get that american muscle car feel but in a small enough unit, not only to fit in the engine bay but in capacity so fuel consumption isn't unwanton. Also, the engines age suits that of a manta, parts availability is still excellent and the engine itself is very uncomplicated, unlike the BMW unit.

If you do intend to fit a BMW V8 then please do post up a project thread, that would be very interesting to most of us :D

Isn't your 1977 B a 1.9? I didn't think the 2.0 was used in the early B's until 1979.

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This engine was probably changed by someone.

The car is dismantled now, because I bought it in this condition, so it is nothing interesting yet.

I will create a new topic when I start this project :thumbup

Also I need a lot of small parts. If someone can help please pm me

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Ok thanks.

About v8. I would like to ask who use it in manta b. Is it very dificult to drive manta b with v8? Because a big weight goes in the front.

The CIH engines are exceptionally heavy as it is, and a few V8's may well be lighter if its an alloy block (like the rover v8)

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