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Find Me A Manta B Coupe


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hello guys im in the market for a manta b in reasonable condition im in ireland and there not that easy to come by well on a budjet if anyone can help me locate 1 that wud be great im big into opels and took it into my head a few months ago i wanted 1 and have ben pipped a number of times on ebay by tens and twentys so if any one has 1 for private sale or knows where there is 1 let me know veron2008@live.ie cheers

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Good advice from Rick :thumbup

It's a shame you missed out on the one from Dundee :(

One good thing about being a member without a car? A local member might vounteer to have a quick look for you.

Ideal, If the car is hunderds of miles away.

GL, hope you get a good one soon :thumbup



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yea thats true im startin to think its a sellers market in the case of the manta b the distance isnt a problem theres an irish company doin a great deal on tramsportin cars back from england it all adds up but i think itll b worth it the thing is over here the vrt is 500 on a manta after buyin and gettin it back

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