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Welding - Metal Gauge?


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My brother-in-law hopes to start helping me with welding chassis, sills etc over Easter, on my 1974 A, but although he has done them way in the past he is not sure of what gauge these are made from. Apparently it is best to weld the same gauge to gauge. He seems to remember it is maybe 18 gauge that was used on the A but is not sure. The metal used to be measured in gauge and there was 16, 18 & 20 gauge rather than mm as I suspect it is now.

Does this make sense and can anyone offer advice?

Many thanks


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I use 20 for most structural repairs, 22 is like tin foil and only good for panel repair for my money.

The legs on Mantas are reinforced with additional plates at key areas anyway, make sure they don't need repair too.

That's my take on the subject...anyone?

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Convenient conversion table from gauge / in / to mm Here

Your easiest way of matching like for like it to buy a measuring device. A vernier caliper, even a cheap one will usually be accurate enough. Beware burs on edges if you cut out steel to measure. Of course you have to know if you are measuring original steel or something already replaced.

Full sills are available for the A.

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