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Hello From Norway !


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Hello everyone!

My name is Kim, I'm from Norway and use allmost all of my free time on old Opel cars;)

I'm currently building a Opel Manta B with 3.0 v6 engine from Omega, that I'm going to mount a garret gt35bb turbo on. I also have a 1980 Opel Rekord e1 that I have mounted a redtop 2.0 16v engine. The 16v is going to be converted to c20LET specs later this week. The last car I buildt was an Opel Omega (carlton) with a turbo converted c20xe engine that gave 419,3hp and 466nm @ the wheels in the local Mustang Dyno.

Looking forward to posting on this great forum.


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Thank you guys.

I'l try to make a project tread about the manta later today, but here are som pictures of the other cars.

My rekord 16v:



Here are som pictures from last weekend, The Norwegian Opel Motorsport Club's gathering at "Rudskogen track" in norway.


It was slippery on the wet course:p



I have to upload pictures of the omega, I'l do that later today.


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Here is som pictures and specs on my last car, the omega.




Custom swirlpot and 3 x Bosch 044 fuelpumps. (the last pump sits in the original fueltank)


The engine bay was a bit messy, but this car was function before fashin so I didn't care:P



Here are a quick list of specs:

c20xe block with +0.5mm wiseco pistons.

Steel H-rods.

Cometic steel head gasket.

Arp head stud kit.

Jenvey 45mm throttle boddies.

Custom stainless steel manifold.

8 x 440cc injectors.

8-an fuelhose/tubes.

Aeromotive FPR.

Garret T04s turbo

Tial 44mm wastegate.

Tial 50mm dumpvalve.

Adjustable camshaft pulleys

electromotive tec gt Ecu

Custom flywheel.

Spec clutch.

Tremec TKO-600 manual gearbox.

Funny car;)

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