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Hello everyone! I have been around Opels for 41 years! I have had 4 different GT's and one 69 Rallye Kadett. Currently, I have a 73 GT, completely restored. In the past year, I found a 74 Manta Rallye in a barn. (No kidding). It is needing help to bring her back to life but that is what I intend to do. I'm not one of these guys who will start a project and not finish it! B)

I live in the United States, in North Carolina. I have been a member and moderator of the www.opelgt.com site for many years and made many great friends. Hopefully, I will do the same here! If anyone needs help with a GT, I can probably help you out. Since this will be my first Manta project, I may need help from you from time to time! From what I have already seen, this is a great site!

Great meeting everyone!!!! :thumbup

Roy Bell

Concord, North Carolina

73 GT

74 Manta Rallye

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Welcome to the site - nice to hear from another Opel nut! We have a few members in the USA (and across the world), so we would delighted if you want to join the OMOC. I understand there is quite an Opel community over in the US - the OpelGT site is one of the best Opel sites around.

Your project sounds really interesting and you have certainly had some lovely cars over the years. I'm quite fond of the Kadett myself.

I've got to say it....Pictures please !!!!


I hope you enjoy your new project and find our little forum useful.

All the Best,

Paul B

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