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Morning Folks!

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Morning folks

First post from the people behind Total Vauxhall Magazine and needless to say, we're in need so some assistance so we apologies for barging on in here!

As some of you may be aware, on Saturday 7th August we're hosting TV Live at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire, the UK's first dedicated Vauxhall track day and static show. Full details can be found via the website: http://live.totalvauxhall.co.uk/

As part of the static show, we decided to have a display of "Rare and Endangered" Vauxhalls which started small and has continued to gather pace at an alarming rate with more and more diverse models being added daily. We simply weren't prepared for the level of enthusiasm and the range of cars this has attracted, so although we have an impressive line up we are sadly lacking some nice standard Mantas and hence we are here to ask the good folks of the Manta Owners Club to help sort that... although with Retro Rides the next again day, sourcing some of the older models is proving to be very difficult!

What we are seeking is perhaps 2 / 3 cars that are in as near factory condition as possble (no wheel changes/conversions) that can attend Total Vauxhall live on Saturday 7th of August and help us form what will be one of the largest collections of rare Vauxhalls to date.

In reward for your efforts, we are happy to offer a complimentary ticket for you and a guest and also a VIP car pass.

If this is something you feel you can help with and would like to be part of, please don't hestiate in contacting us via david.reid@futurenet.com or via the PM function

Thanks in advance, and again... apologies for making the first post an appeal but hopefully we can build on this and become more involved with the forums


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Morning Dave. Hope you get what you are looking for, makes a nice change to have somewhere different from the normal places for a show. Might just manage to get there and have a day out !Is the Turbo back on the road yet ?

Hello Steve, blast from the past eh?

Indeed, the theory behind the show at Castle Combe is to try and combine the action of PVS with the static show ambience of Billing. Or at least that's the thinking... hopefully it will appeal to a broader range of enthusiast, hence the good people behind the scenes have been trying hard to get the older models on board. Although having the event the day before Retro Rides perhaps wasn't the best idea but such is life! Certainly should be something for everybody, plenty of clubs displaying and then track action all day including Cleland in a 1990 BTCC Cavalier and Bo Neilsen and his Time Attack Astra. Shoudl be good!

PR whoring over... nope, the turbo is still in storage in several million pieces. Took it off the road over a year ago full of grand plans and started well, then fate played it's card and I ended up living down here, so the car has somewhat ground to a halt of late and the logistics involved in bringing it south are too much just now. The long term plans are to sell the current Astra GSi, set aside a wedge of cash for the turbo project and then buy a cheaper daily driver and get the turbo back on the 2011.

This modern stuff just isn't as good!


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Can I also ask that those who have sent private conversations etc (James and somebody with a black GTE) can you drop me an e.mail because my limited brain capacity struggles with forums features that block, send messages to space and then refuse to do waht you want...

So, if you can attend... please, an e.mail direct would be better as I'm currently jugling numerous forums and it gets a bit difficult, especially trying to such who everybody is thansk to user names and real names, and being unable to match them up!

And yes, one is tired and crabbit... 3 weeks solid of chasing cars/owners has taken it's toll!


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