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Manta Gte Exclusive Blue Coupe


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hi guys gauging interest in my manta exclusive

had the car for 3 months and its not really for me.

the car has mot about 6 months left i think and tax till december

the car runs very well mechanically all original interior apart from speakers in door cards

the car has a lsd and an uprated clutch also has drilled and grooved discs on front.

the bad points are:

paint is not brilliant previous owner has done a home spray job on the car and by looks of it hasnt laquered it very well

so its flat and some of it looks like matt effect

heaters dont blow hot and the headlining has been taken down at one stage and not put back properly

exhaust is blowing and rattle on under body over bumps

previous owner has been a wombat and not covered the windscreen whilst welding and has little tiny burns on it not mot failure though

also two scuffs on front bumpers and ur usual car park dings

remember this car has not been fully restored so expect a 23 year old car

the car has had some welding done under neath and seems to be solid and has been under sealed.

the car is also on koni suspension dampers and springs

the car drives so well real pleasure to drive hope someone can enjoy it or restore it

i am look for £2100 let me know what ya think on price

not in a rush to sell if i dont get any interest i will get the car sprayed .

regards simon












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Hi, looks nice, where are you located?



Edit, looks like a converted GTE, can you confirm it's an Exclusive?


Edit again, or a converted 1800 coupe looking by the rubbing strips but then again it has the small washer( 1800 and exclusive) proper extra relay on inner wing ( on the wrong place though) no holes for washer jets on front bumper ( exclusive and 1800 ) Factory mounts for the air flow meter ( gte and gte exclusive)

D reg exclusives should be the irmscher ones and are rarer than the others, should have an irmscher backflash and only a drivers wing mirror?

arrrgh, did 1800 coupes have a sunroof? so back to my gte thought

Don't let my ramblings think i'm putting the car down, i think it's a great car at the right price i'm just doing some detective work as my first exclusive was an irmscher exclusive monaco blue coupe that had one owner before me and i miss that car as it still is my favorite :thumbup

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ok so have checked log book and it says the car is a manta exec which i didnt even know they did a manta exec but car is definately a 2.0

let me know kev what you know.

im located in lymington hampshire

Spot on then, it's an exclusive coupe, don't know why they put exec on the log book though, mine all had that on too.

nice car, good price, should easy sell :)

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Very occainsionally Manta GTE's turn up with rubbing strips down the side,dont know why,perhaps you could have them as an option when ordering your brand new shiny Manta.

I remember a black GTE that passed through the hands of a friend that had rubbing strips,they were attached by the plastic clips onto the metal pins/pegs. inside the doors the original sound deadening was undisturbed as was the inner surface of the front wing,other GTE 'bits' like the airflow meter brackets were original, so these strips were put on this GTE at the factory.

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Hi mike mileage is unknown Im only going by what previous owner tOld me on purchase there was no history with car just mot and logbook no idea how long xe was run for I never took it out previous owner did for the sale as he wanted to keep xe hope this is some help

best regards Simon

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I must admit, I'm a little tempted. It's mainly the paintwork putting me off and with the other jobs that I can't do myself(headlining and new windscreen are 'spensive these days) could be looking at doubling the asking price and that's with a mates rates respray. Still, I wonder how far Lymington is from me :D

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^ Witney in West Oxfordshire. I'd like to have a look but what worries me already is that pictures tend to make things like paint finishes look better. I'm noticing things like in the left hand shot of the front bumper that the chap who painted it left the GTE sticker on and sprayed over it.

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Hi yer he did but if you can get it resprayed that wouldn't be problem I mean it is liveable it's just not very show worthy rest of car is good though would be easy to make into really nice car and worth double the price I'm asking

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