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This is something i've never heard of anyone doing.

what is better about a Merc wiper motor? suspose if you are good enough at engineering you can make anything fit.

the merc wiper is a single wiper that goes side to side aswell as up and down im just leaving as is cant be bothered with the hastle lol

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Ahh i see, single wiper arm conversions are popular on a number of cars but these cars are made with a universal scuttle.

By this i mean that the metal below the windcreen is constructed in such a manner that one wiper pivot is in the center and the other wiper pivot hole is opened up during manufacture on either the left of right of the scuttle depending wether the car is to be right or left hand drive.

A Manta scuttle has both wiper pivot points offset from center so to make a single wiper conversion a new pivot point would have to be created in the center of the scuttle.

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There is talk that cars modified to use a single wiper will be checked at MOT time to make sure that they park in the correct place and the swept area is the same as the orginal.

Might be worth checking is VOSA etc before you spend time and money



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