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Testing Water, Ally Kick Panels


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Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a set of Anodised Aluminium Kick Panels.

As per http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

Currently looking at making a batch of these up, these were one of my best sellers, now I know there were a few pwople interested early this year, currently finding myself in a position to do these again.

Price on here would be £48.00 a pair.

Price on Evil Bay would be £53.00 a pair.

Can do A series items too, but would be needing a pair of panels to copy and due to the smaller quantity of these I can get out of a sheet these will be more expensive at £52.00 a pair.

Balls in your court peoples.

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may be up for a set clive , and hopefully the other bits too ie a rad cover and wiper motor cover dependant on finances , would these be poss with a vauxhall related engraving?

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Right then, EVENTUALLY got PayPal sorted, and got the first sets of these finished, was actually going to fit a set this afternoon but left the bloody things at RetroPower on Friday, + weather is crap.

So the only pics I've got are the following, took on Friday afternoon.

opel manta al1 kick panels.jpg

opel manta al2 kick panels.jpg

These are made from stain silver anodised aluminium. Anodised aluminium is basically the top surface oxidised, this is very very tough as per the aluminium oxide abrasives available, this will give you an idea of the toughness of the surface of these.

Very very good fit and come with a fitting guide, and stainless steel fasteners, as new holes are required to be drilled to mount these due to the original holes being very large (would need an M12 bolt through original holes)

These can be supplied in different colours if need be, but anodising costs of approx £45.00 for 1 to 10 items of any colour (red green blue black etc) would mean a minimum quantity order for a specific colour, i.e. 5 sets would cost approx £60.00 per set for 5 customers that would want say black ones for example.


Have many patterns (copies) to work from simply post up here your prospective requirements or contact me either by email, pm or through the Custom Solutions website.

I will now be contacting the parties that have shown interest on these regarding payment and delivery, next up is looking into polished stainless XE plug covers B) followed by posting up some pics of Ally and Stainless rad trays sometime next week.

Thanks for reading

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