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Black Check Recaros

Devil Fish

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Hi folks, probably a long shot, but does anyone have any black check recaro's going, (front and back seats)

(I have a very tidy chicago grey recaro interior if anyone wants to swap)

many thanks in advance


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I know it's from a hatch but rick manta had these for sale

"A mint set of Recaro's in Black daytona check in black for a hatch" in his garage sale 8th Jan 11

It's a start if he's still got them.

I think the car they were in rust4life bought it of rick.

From rust4life post

"Parts that are spoken for are the engine and box, rad, brake servo/master cylinder, rear axle, front brakes and probably the nice daytona check recaros too! :thumbup

Plz message me if interested in any parts mentioned or not mentioned, I am located in Oxford."

You could twist his arm for the grey chicago greys ;)

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