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16V Conversion - Engine/mounts/box/dizzy/sump/weber Mani/clutch


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As it looks like I'm not going to find a manta any time soon, I may as well let someone else use all my 16v conversion gear and get some enjoyment/use out of it. I've decided against throwing it all in my mk1 golf too. :lol:

The engine itself was bought from a member on one of the vaux/opel forums and although i never heard it running, I felt confident at the time that it was a good one. The lads house was very nice with a large double garage and a lovely restored viva, he decided on going for something more extreme iirc. The engine has been sat in my unit and i have popped a little oil down the plug holes and turned it over by hand now and again. It turns over freely with no strange noises. Obviously it's all sold as seen though.

I'll pop pics up with a little description of each.

The engine itself, no mayo in filler cap, and all inlet manifold/exhaust manifold studs are in good order. B) Includes alternator, pipes, power steering pump, flywheel etc.




ECU with wiring loom, injector rail/injectors, coil thingy, relay and all plugs as seen. :)


Air box, alternator bracket, inlet manifold with throttle position sensor? and brake servo pipe. :D


1800cc manta sump and oil pickup pipe. :thumbup


1800cc manta dizzy setup with pully/belt. And also a new/never used SBD weber 45 inlet manifold! B)


New clutch kit, spinner plate, pressure plate, release bearing and also another spare one (Unsure if original) :P


1800cc manta gearbox. ;)


1800cc engine mounts :o Some other bits inc another diptick and even a pedal box!


FWD manifold, maybe not of use to everyone but does have the lambda sensor. :huh:


£750? I've been having a look around the forum at prices and this seems about right for this lot as a near on full setup? I thought I'd offer it up here for you lads rather than stick it on ebay.

Located in Burnley, Lancashire.

Cash on collection only and would rather sell as a whole.

I have an engine crane etc to help get it all in a van and whatnot.

I'm in no rush to sell, I didn't really want to sell but I just can't see a manta that i want coming up anytime soon.


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Hi mate, not a clue in all honesty. There's quite a bit of stuff. If anyone can advise then I guess I can look into it? :) I wouldn't even know where to get a pallet from lol. Obviously it will weigh a bit/take up some room with the engine/box alone. (Box top right in pic)


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Pm's replied to. :)

I'm not sure about selling it all now :blink::lol:

In fact, could the mods please lock this up for now while I have a think on it? Thanks.

Sorry for the possible change of heart, it was just a bit of a spur of the moment thing taking pics while having a tidy up and next news i've gone and advertised it all!

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Personally I would hang on to this lot.

Been helping with an XE rebuild recently and got through 2 blocks on that rebuild, it is now the case that these engines are an old engine now, good ones may not be as easy to source as they used to be.

Couple that with the fact that the 1.8 box and the sumps etc. are going to becoming scarcer down the line, I would definately hang on to this lot.

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