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More 1800 Bits! And Some Other Stuff


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Got some more 1800 bits for sale - don't worry guys, this one was well beyond saving, even for someone like Mantadoc.

Gearbox - £100. Untested, I'm assured it was perfect when the car it came from was laid up in August '97. Can be collected from SA18 or CF24. SOLD

Engine mounts, standard stuff, £35 plus a fiver postage.SOLD

Distributor, comes with alloy bracket, camshaft pulley, drive belt etc, also untested so no guarantees but it's basically all there, £40 plus £7 postage.

Pair of Exclusive rear bumpers, one in Starmist black and one in Monaco blue, both came from hatches but I think they're the same for the coupes, £15 each, can look into posting if anyone wants them.

5 Berlinetta 13" alloys, scrap value, somebody give me a fiver each and take them away.

Driver's door from a Monaco blue GT/E Exclusive, very good, still has glass and some internals, £20, collection only.SOLD

Couple of windscreen rubber seals in very good condition, £20 each plus £5 postage.

13" Cavalier Rostyles - take them away. Free. I don't want them any more. Got plenty, let me know if you want any.

1800 propshaft, comes with the spring and the U bolts complete with locking tabs and nuts, £20 plus a tenner postage. SOLD

2 sets of black surround rear lights, tenner a pair with a fiver postage.

Plenty of glass, various tints, mostly hatchback. Let me know what you want, I might have it.

1800 cylinder head and camshaft carrier, was in excellent working order when removed. £10 to anyone who wants to collect or I weigh it in.

Set of 5 steel wheels off an 1800 GT, look the same as the ones fitted to Novas of the same era. Useless tyres, take them away for free.

Weber 32/34 DMTL carb taken off an 1800, looks newish and was running beautifully. Doesn't come with any adaptor plates or anything else, free 1800 airbox if you want to collect it. £30 plus £7 postage without the airbox.

5 speed tunnel top sections, got 1 available. Perfect for converting an earlier car from 4 speed to 5 if you don't mind cutting the floor a bit! £20 plus £4 postage.

That's about all I can think of right now, but if there's anything else you want, give me a shout as my Dad's garden's full of my stuff and he'd love to get shot of it.

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If that's the door I had a lookat the other day Rob, I will have it, a door like that at that price is well worth keepin as a spare, if that's alright with you? I'll come over one day in the week and collect.


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Hi Tom, I'm sure I've got several period radio cassettes lying around from various cars, may not be able to find an original Manta specific one but I'm sure I can dig out something from a Royale or Senator or something similar. I'll have a hunt at the weekend and let you know what I find!

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