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Toyota Celica 1.8St


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Not sure if this is worth the hassle but:

Toyota Celica 1.8ST 1997 P reg. 12 months MOT and 6 months tax. 64,000 miles with Toyota service history. Really nice car, I could describe a lot more but is it worth the effort?

I'll get my buddy - 1900SR to post the photo's of the car up for me as I don't even know how to do that :o

Anyway the car is in Lincoln and the asking price is £600. PM me or phone on 07946 405221 and I'll give you the full run down on the car. The week really has started bad and it's getting worse. I'm off for a beer :thumbup. It's got a nice CD player!

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Why oh why oh bloody why does stuff like this come up at the wrong time???????

Recently took the Skyline off the road due to driving a lot of miles a day, and bought a 1.2 Corsa to use as a runaround, not exactly getting the economy I originally had due to driving the car hard lately, in fact not much better than the Skyline now :o:D

Soething like this however would have been absolutely ideal, right price, right car, but wrong time Andy :mellow: story of my life with bloody cars.

Just so frustrated on this,,,, the Tax and MOT on this are possibly worth £300 of my time as I won't need to p1ss about twith that for 12 and 6 months respectively, so damn tempted on this especially as I shouldn't have a problem selling the Corsa.

Insurance on this will poss be cheaper than the robbing price I got quoted on for the Corsa too (had cheaper quotes for the Skyline)

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It's a lovely car to drive, everything works, ABS, Electric windows,sunroof, central locking Alarm and keyfob, and is suprisingly quick for a 1.8.

Vicy (Darthvader - wife) has no problem with me driving around in it but does not want our boys sat in the front or the back. She pointed out it has no rear doors :blink: Strange but I noticed that :lol:

Anyway the kids are banned from driving around in it B) on the basis it has no rear escape! so I've bought a Volvo Estate which has 5 doors :lol: She complains about the lack of parking in Lincoln so my next motor will be a fork lift truck. You can make your own car parking space then B)

The darkside will never win!

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