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1981 Cavalier Gls 16V


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I've just picked a redtop powered mk1 Cav from Stradacab - I missed out on buying my old one back so fancied reliving twin cam hooliganism for a bit! It's pretty well specced - AVOs, vented discs, R1 carbs etc and having just put it on the rollers I'm proud to say its pushing 173 horses which makes it extremely interesting on a wet back road :blink: I put it through an MOT and it failed on the rear fog lamp, washer pump and 4 tyres. All of those are sorted so it now so it should have a ticket by next Tuesday.

Jobs to do are:

New vinyl roof

Repair rear arches and lower quarters

Tidy up some flaky paint on the chin spoiler

Get the carbs set up properly. We reckon 185 is possible as its running a bit rich at the mo

I'll post some pics up soon.

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