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Track Day Springs

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hi, just joined, got '86 gt hatch with mildly tuned rover v8. we'r just gonna be playin at track days but strugling to find suitable springs, wanted somthing stifer than usual fst road lowering kit. what lbs would you recomend, amount lowerd, an any other tweeks that would help, new bushers on list too. also, got 17's on at mo, is this to big for manta? all rally ones seam to have 15s. sorry so many questions , thanks for any help, jamie

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Hi Jamie, join the club and you will get extra kudos and mucho info for your track day Manta.

I have never had a v8 manta but have one in my unit, the engine is lighter and that in turn raises the spring to engine rate but then you will have to go lower on the front as the engine is lighter than a CIH as you have an all ally engine.

Depending on what model manta hatch you have determines the spring rate and height, if it has standard 1800 springs and shocks on then wear a nappy on the track or cut the buggers down by half and replace shocks

Billys are top dog, avo do some good stuff, koni are top bannana, spax are ok ( i don't like them, no rebound) standard new autojumble ones will transform a tired ride

Jamex springs as i had were coil bound so i chucked them

You pays your maney you takes your choice!



My valver on spax and no name no place cut to suit springs, handled like a go kart but whoa baby hard on the spine


My mancona on konis and 400 pedigree springs, nice and firm but progressive and shit all over a porsche around bends


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Sorry I crashed your valver Kev! Have been a fan of KYB's on my last 2 Manta's. Think this was Shocks and Springs.... Had a little bit of give on the return but still quite stiff. Takes it quite low tho, think they were only supposed to be a 50mm drop, but if on larger wheels this bring the car up again.... I will be putting them on this car too.


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thanksfor that, seen some avo shocks cheap 2nd hand so will give them a try then replace with billys when iv got spare cash. there were some 400lb front springs on ebay standard height, though mayb cut coil out,but mayb make to stiff? like the manscona, like the coups in pics, much prefer them to hatches, first car was manta b 1900 sr, great car, then had exclusive,both coupes, unfortunatly some one tuck high lift jack to it to get alloys off, total right off, not nice....!

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