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Anyone Interested In Fibreglass A Series Stuff ?


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Hi guys, i don´t know if this is the right place to post this, but here goes (admins are more than welcome to move this post if it doesn´t belong here).

After doing the math on the costs of the parts i need for my A series i have joined forces with a very competent fibreglass moulder. He has done tons of work for the old Opels including front wings for Ascona A, Kadett C and Monza. He also makes some 400 kits etc. Everything he makes fits like the original part, and i have just made a deal with him regarding parts for the A series. I deliver everything he needs to make the molds and i get a set of everything for free :)

But i also struck a deal regarding sales, and can supply very cheap parts for anyone interested once all the molds has been made this fall. Parts will become available during the fall and the total list will be available after christmas.

The list is:

Opel Manta A frontwings (original GM Opel parts used for molding)

Opel Manta A hood (original flawless part for molding)

Opel Manta A boot lid (original flawless part for molding)

Opel Manta A GT/E 2 part frontspoiler (original GM part used for molding is available allready for 150£ + shipping)

Opel Manta A doors (molded from original ones will possibly be made with aluminium frame)

Opel Manta A TE2800 bodykit with full front arches and big rear arches for riviting, glueing etc (original Steinmetz parts used ! ! )

Opel Manta A Rally frontspoiler with air intakes 1 piece fit under bumper (brand unknown)

If anyone would be interested i promise good prices for my Brittish mates here as i get a discount. If you are interested please send me a PM and if you know that you will be interested i can probably send a group buy!

Let me know what you guys think :)

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Monzta, I think there will be a lot of interest if all of the above mentioned parts could be made and priced. If you can get individual prices for each part plus minimum quantities (say 5) to see how the prices drop. A series stuff can fetch silly money, but if a good value for money piece is really worth it I think more people would buy, plus its not just here of course but the rest of the world B)


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