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Date Of Manufacture

Paul Seaman

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Think its on the bulk head, somewhere, not into A series, never had one, but something tells me its here - near heater maybe?

A series anorak should be along soon!

B series, has dates behind the dash, on beem dash sits on, also front inner wings.

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The chassis number should be stamped into the lip that the bonnet sits on just in front of the driver, as well as on the plate on the drives side inner wing. None of this is important if you want to find out if it's tax exempt, as the chassis number should also be on the V5. If you have the number from the V5 then send me a message via the site and I'll check the club records.

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Steve- do you know anyone that can do Ford? Brother has a 73 escort.



On an Escort, you date the car with the fifth and sixth digit of the Chassis number . The first two letters e.g " BB " or " GC " tell you that its an Escort. The next two should be " AT " for a two door car and the next two letters tell you what month and year the Escort was built. The following five numbers are the number off the production line. If you can get these two letters, I'll try and get it dated for you. If the car is an unusual model then it may have stood around for a few Months before being registered and may even be Tax Exempt. My Mk2 Escort is a 1300 Sport , 2 Door in Bermuda Blue and was built in October 1976, but not registered until February 1977. Have a look for those numbers... Luke.

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2 hours ago, mantajock said:

Where can you find manufacture date in manta b .think a went to opel in germany before .

It might be in the Glass' check book, if not it's a case of going to Opel in Germany. Message me your chassis/VIN and I'll see if I've got the info.

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