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Opel Manta Gte (With Calibra 16V Conversion)


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Hi all -

My manta is feeling sorry for itself... She needs some tender care & attention as I have not given her any for sometime now.. :(

D plate (could be sold to a Porsche 911 owner) '1987

2 Ltr GTE Coupe'

Calibra Engine transplant

Full GTE interior

No MOT or TAX.

Non runner.

Looking for £675 for the Engine - If you want the entire car, She's yours..!

Quick sale to make room as moving house in near future.

Contact me on 07809 601868

Cheers, -Andy-

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Pics forwarded to those that requested them...

To elaborate on the car details:

The car has a '911' reg plate (i.e, Porsche - this is worth £300+ at least)

She has barely used Yokohama tyres all round (£200)

GTE Recaro seats

Twin pot Chevette calipers on the front brakes

Twin headlamp kit

Red top 16v Engine {Had covered 55k before I bought it} (£whatever the current market value of these are..)

4-2-1 exhaust manifold

2 1/5 inch bore exhaust (not sure what condition this is in now tho)

Transmission drive via 1.8 Getrag box (complete with blanking plate)

Comlplete ECU was transplanted into this car for the Red top 16valve engine.

There are a number of rust holes on the car, but I believe this can be rectified with some welding work.

I also have a spare Front 'nose' section which the buyer is welcomed to have.

The Engine is "non-runner" as I was stripping the cambelt drive etc off to have cosmetic spray work done but then things

unfortunately came to "a holt" in life for me at the time, an so it is still in it's partially stripped-down condition.

"First come, first served" as they say...

Regards, Andy.

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