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Senator 3L 24V Fitted With Manta 5 Speed Box Help Please

peter evans

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just bought a senator engine to go in my manta it fitted at the moment in my donar car the prob is clutch slips when you pull away realy fast it already has anew clutch fitted is there a stronger clutch on the market to take the power of it

its using the manta 5 speed box at the moment anyone help?

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I'd pull it apart and check the clutch you have in it, the standard clutch can handle 250Bhp all day long, I suspect there must be something wrong with either the driven or pressure plate?

I've just read your post again, when you say it has the Manta box, is that mated to the Senny dual mass flywheel and standard clutch or something different?



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Struggling to understand what is fitted where.... by donor car do you mean that the engine is still fitted in a vauxhall senator, or do you have an existing 24v manta from which the engine is to be removed.

Firstly, did you fit the new clutch yourself? Or have you taken someone's word for it...

Secondly, did you adjust the clutch properly to check that it is engaging and disengaging as it should?

Thirdly, Could you have accidentally contaminated the drive plate when fitting it?

More details would be useful if you want some help, i.e. the exact setup you are using (clutch, flywheel and release mechanism etc.)

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If he is running a Manta 5 speed box, odds are that he is running a Manta 2,0 clutch as well, wich will not be enough for the power of the 24V. Its not the BHP thats the problem its the torque.

You need to fit a 4 plate clutch or similar, OMP makes them and so does ENEM. You need something that can handle the torque.

This leads me to a second observation. A 5 speed Manta gearbox will not survive long mounted on a 24V. You need to get the 265getrag from the Monza/Senator cars. This gearbox will take all the power you want, and fortunatly too it has a big clutch (normally handles the torque of a goldtop 3,0E)

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thanks guys the 3.0 is already fitted in a manta its got a std 2.0l manta clutch fitted which is new but only slips when putting the power on

what im after is a manta clutch maybe a paddle clutch ??? and who sells them ??? normal driving it drives fine

thanks peter

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www.enem.se they have a real old and not user-friendly website, but they are very good at tuning parts for the Opels and they know their stuff.

Dont know where to get them in the UK, im from Denmark ;)

Performance för 6-bultade 228mm svänghjul. Max. 455Nm med organisk lamell.

This will keep going to 455nm´s wich is about 150 more than the 24V engine makes. So it will hold. Order number 3082 999 618

If your flywheel isnt 228mm´s you can have some of it machined to comply with the new clutch

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hi peter ive doing the same conversion as you, ive got the manta clutch to fly wheel in at the moment , but also i have a 3ltr monza / senator flywheel to put in its place, if i incounter slip. . Hope this helps you/ cheers steve

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