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Lots Of "a" Series Parts For Sale


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Hi Everyone , i have been contacted by a former member from the North East who has loads of "A" series parts for sale . Read the following and if you are interested Contact Janet on 01914104507 or e-mail at janetr@mypostoffice.co.uk

Hi Ian,

I'm sure you still remember me! I had the yellow a series which was nicked

and burned out in April. Well we have been clearing out our garage to make

room for my 1970 mini and have found a huge stash of a series parts. My

first thought was that some one from the club would be interested in

coming up and taking the lot in one go! The list is huge and I can send

you the full list if you think some one would be interested but there's

things like:

Brake cylinders new, tie rod ends new,hub bearing kits new, bumper

overiders used, radiator hoses new, badges,1900 engine no gear box, light

lenses, steering rack, wheel arch repair panels new, sill panel new, dash

clocks new? and a set of alloy wheels with passable tyres, there's ALOT

more!!! You know how you collect so much! I'd rather sell as a full lot

and we were thinkin £350 the lot. I think thats a bargain cos I know

theres bits there that are like hens teeth!!!

Let me know if theres anyone who wants them or if you want the full list,

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A Series Parts


Rear hub bearing kit x4

Inner tie rod ends x2

Bottom ball joint x1

Top ball joint x2

Rear brake cylinder x4

Rotor arm x1

Outer tie rod ends x2

Rear brake shoes x1 full set

Bottom radiator hose x1

By pass hose x1

Door hinge pins x3 sets


Rear bumper with over riders

(bumper not best condition)

Rear bumper over rider 1 complete 1 no rubber

Front bumper over rider 2 complete

Manta 1900 badge

Manta badge x 2

Manta rays x 3

Wheel centres x4 +stickers

Front indicator lens x2

Rear indicator/stop lights complete x4

Rear indicator/stop light lens x3

Reverse light complete x3

Reverse light lens x1

Rear coil spring rubber x2

Steering rack x1

Servo master brake cylinder x1


Complete front grill x1

Rear wheel arch repair panel both sides

2 doors (both sides) with glass

Some glass(possibly windscreen and rear)

Boot lid

Wheel arch chrome trims

Engine 1900 (no gear box)

Alloy wheels x4 (2good tyres)

Sill panel x1

Set of dash clocks

Various alloy body trims

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Open to offers , Please read the folowing .

Hi Ian,

Sorry to bother you again but interest in the parts we have seems to have

died off. We thought it might be the distance to travel, which I can't do

anything about but if its the price putting people off we are open to

sensible offers, I would rather these parts went to some one with a true

passion for manta than someone on e-bay who just wants a bargain to sell

on and make a profit I'm sure you know what I mean!!! If you get a chance

could you pass this on to the forum...thanks again...Janet.

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