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Manta A Alternator Options


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Hey all,

Does anyone have suggestions for something that will give a bit of extra electrical juice?

The easiest and cheapest to sourcing option for me is the 60A out of a Astra mk2 (Kadett E).

How easily would that go into a standard A?

The wiring was updated and uprated a little while ago so I'm not worried about the extra current frying anything.

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Not sure if the Astra alternator will fit, if it does go on the bracket the pully might not be inline.

the best answer is the alternator off a twelve valve straight six, (senator,carlton etc) they are 95 amp, you will need the mounting bracket as well and tensioner, this bolts onto a manta CIH engine and is a much superior design.

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Thanks for the reccomendations.

Probably should have said I'm in South Africa...

Rekords/Carltons and Senators are really difficult to find parts for (ie Alternator).

They do pop up every now and then, but like I said, astra bits I can find at my local breakers, whereas I'd have to go to Cape Town to search for rekords etc.

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