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Gte Hatch Parts


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due to a change of direction with my manta, i have to following parts needing to go from my garage.

front passenger wing for a B, in blue, good condition, £25.

Rear seats in grey, £25.

Also most trim from the interior, some of it isnt A1 condition, but if your looking for something, let me know.

Im about 30 mile from Aberdeen in Scotland. feel free to collect.

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Hi pal ,

I'm after a rear view mirror ,

Rear seat belts for manta hatch ,

Interested in your rear seats for my mk1 cav,

You got a postcode?

I'm in Inverness , u free this weekend?


Hi Kev,

I can help you with a rear view mirror, what colour were you after?


I would be interested in most of what you have and can collect, im not to far from your location, Pm some details and i'll contact you to arrange collection.

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think it August the MOT runs out... when its off the road i will put a new post on here, will be wanting the engine, gear box, radiator, and rest of it gone too, only want the shell, glass and doors kept i think.

Look forward to this coming up for sale as its not too far from me( poss engine and box)


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