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Carlton 2.2 Discs


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I have Volvo 4 pots on the front of my car. The discs are pretty badly warped now and have been skimmed before so it's probably time to splash out on a new set. My discs fit the caliper perfectly, I was told they were custom made so you don't get the pads overhanging the disc like the Carlton ones.

Question is if I'm ordering a set of Carlton ones what year of car are they from? Diameter and thickness of disc etc? And where is a good place to get them from? Might of even tried grooved or drilled if they weren't too overpriced.


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Hi Roy, thanks for posting the picture up, what calipers are they? Where did you source them from as I could do with a new pair for my own car.

Sorry if Im wrong here but I really hope thats not copper grease on the stub axle as thats really not a good idea for wheel bearings, too low a melting point and doesnt have the same lubrication properties as its meant as an anti seize agent.


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Thanks Roy, just what I'm looking for. I see Larkspeed have the Black Diamond discs listed for £131 so I'll definately be ordering a set. The wife is very good at warping standard discs and I'm fed up having them skimmed!



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Hi Scott,

no definitely not copper grease, its the original grease old and dark brown. It was all repacked with new LM grease!

The discs look great through the alloys, always gets a comment at the mot :)

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Ah ok, Id hate to see you have a bearing collapse on you! (been there, not fun)

Can you tell me what the calipers are? I think I can use Mk2 Astra GTE ones but not quite sure.

Those discs do look nice though, Ill have to get myself a pair of those for stock!

Thanks, Scott.

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