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HELP!!!! Can someone please tell me why, when I click on the IMG CODE in photobucket, I cannot paste the code because the "paste" is grey so nothing happens when I right click on it, as I have been trying to paste a photo on to the OMOC forum.

Never had this problem with photobucket before.

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I think if you click on the "gear" looking item in the top right side if the picture you then click on "get links". Then left click on the img link (very bottom) which should automatically copy it. Then all you have to do is right click on your topic and select paste....

Hope that helps , I'm not good with explaining it...

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Hi Julian.

As above, you will need to hover cursor over top right hand side of picture box and drop down menu will appear, or just left click on img code then copy and paste to where you want.

I don't like the new way they have organized pics in albums now takes you ages to find pics as date related now, and not as last placed into folder. I found if re naming and placing 012 date or o13 those pics came to the fore for use. Still preferred the old Bucket.

cheers rab.

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