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Which Bilsteins?

Denis K

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I am building a manta with a redtop.

It will be a road car and will be lowered 40mm.

Now i want it to handle well and be stiffer than stock suspension but i dont want it too be too stiff either.

So what model bilsteins would ye lads recommend me to get?

I see on ebay there is black b4 bilsteins and also the more expensive b6 yellow bilsteins. Would any of these be any good?

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Ive only ever used the yellow B6 dampers. Ive found them to be very good on a fast road car. These are heavy duty and intended for motorsport use. Im not sure how the damping rate compares to the black ones but they are cheaper.

Ive had loads over the years and never even had one leak thinking about it, just give them a repaint every few years and they will last forever.

Same as everything, you only get what you pay for so dont expect the Black ones to be the same quality as the yellow B6/B8 dampers.

Im not sure but I think B8 are stiffer than B6, Im also not sure what other rates you can get.


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Hello to all

B4 Bilstein (Black) are twin tube in design and are OE spec damper.

B6 Bilstein (Yellow) are monotube (stronger) in design and are available in the following bump/rebound rates (as listed on Bilstein site):

  • Fronts:
    • 150/60.
    • 261/108.
  • Rears:
    • 220/80.

If you are looking for a direct replacement OE spec road damper then there is nothing wrong with the B4's. If you going for fast road with uprated springs or motorsport then use the B6's, even though they are not adjustable they have been fine tuned by Bilstein over many years and are good value for the money.



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