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78 Berlinetta Sr

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What's the verdict on this one?

Anyone know it?

Been up a few times now, never made his reserve of 1500 quid.(1120 and 1050 respectively) strange as it looks tidy enough for the price


If it were OK and he would hold onto it for 2 weeks or so until I got Import approval im interested

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Afraid i don't know the car but looks very tidy inside & pretty good outside.

It's got some grot on one front wing & on both lower rear panels below rear windows there is also a crease on the boot lid, but despite all that i'll bet its pretty solid underneath.

So whats it worth?

Ebay is a good valuer & £1200 to £1500 seems about right.

I've always liked sapphire blue metallic as a colour

Be nice to see it restored to original condition whether down under or in the UK

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Thanks Dave,

I got a few quotes for transport

From the UK port of:


To the Overseas Port of:


Port to Port Price

£ 1063.00

UK Export Documentation fee

£ 34.00

Total price per vehicle

£ 1097.00

Getting it from Glasgow to Southampton seems a bit rich!?

Thankyou for using the Nationdrive vehicle delivery quote system
From G51 To SO15
Our Estimated Quote: £ 495

This quotation is for the transportation of 1 vehicle using the postcodes provided above

I like the car, its complete, and I don't mind a bit of work as I want something to tinker with, as long as its not to rotton and solid underneath (chance you take though) the rest I can deal with, it is just the period model I want (steel bumpered) and it would definitely stay looking original inside and out, ableit fixed, painted, neatened, and detailed to an as new look as I can achieve without it becoming a show car

The plan would be to license it over here first as is, but then to replace the motor with a standard version of the all alloy LS1 V8 from our Commodores, which are common and cheap as chips over here.


For anyone interested the basic costs of exporting to Australia are:

Car 2128 (based on £1300)
UK road transport 810
Shipping 1741
Export doc fee 55
Import Duty 219 (10% of value of car)
GST 409 (10% of Car value + Import duty + Shipping)
Insurance 50
Wharf fees and Cleaning AUS 450
Sub Total $5862
Anyway i'll let the auction run a few more days and flick him an offer
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Thanks opelnz I would say your right as I have been receiving a lot of follow up emails from the shipping company's I emailed, I did get a quote as low as 849 pounds last year.

As for the car no response either way from seller as yet.

I did send him a big message explaining the situation, I know some sellers are reluctant to sell to overseas or even interstate buyers, not sure why as the risk is 100 % on me as I'd be transferring funds straight away all he has to do is hold car and sent me copy of license papers and receipt of sale.

Anyway we'll see what happens, if I do get it it will get lots of love and a build thread will ensue :)

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So it looks like this is coming to Australia ;)

Sorry to you UK blokes loosing another Manta....but it will be well looked after and will have a long life here in the Sun :)

Shiply.com was good, got pickup from door in Glasgow to deliver Fremantle for $2002 (1200quid)

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