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Searching For Info On Roller Rockers For Cih


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Hi guys. Been a while. :)

I am desperatly looking for info on roller rockers for the CIH engines. I need to find out how far back in time they´ve been used !

I know for a fact that the Conrero heads from the late 60´s for the Opel GT´s had roller rocker arms. But the question is if they ever did a set for the CIH head as well, and when. And then most importantly than all is that i need to document it...

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Cheers, Ruben

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Looked into this because i want a set. I was in touch with a guy who sold all his stuff through this website, Ascona i2000, he had modified heads that ran roller rockers made by some tuning company but i cant remember who, Catcams did a set but they are Crane items and can cause massive engine detonation if they let go (the design is basically flawed!!)

A number of sets were designed by Bob Legere on Gt Forum and work perfectly but are not available anymore. Harri on opeltuners has had prototype and first production run of sets for the 4 and 6 cylinder engines based on Bobs design which again perform perfectly and are also very pretty!!!!

That should give you some leads and contacts.



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Hi Chris.

Yup i have written a mail to "rally-bob" :)

Thing is i need to prove that roller rockers was actually used on CIH heads back in the early 70´s / late 60´s. I know it was available as the Steinmetz / Conrero crossflow head for the Opel GT and later Ascona A and Manta A used roller rocker arms. But the head design is a alltogether different design than the CIH so proving they ran with the Conrero head and roller rockers won´t give me a pass at running them on a CIH head.

Bunch of bureaucrats those FIA people..

Actually its stupid.

I can pay 15000 £ for a Conrero head (yes thats what the last one that i know was sold went for) and then use roller rockers and crossflow technology on a CIH, but i cant mount roller rockers on a plain CIH head.. The conrero head will add 20-25hp on top of what ever a CIH will ever get to perform so its just plain stupid...

But thats the deal i guess..

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Hi Andy :)

Great site you have found there. Loads of good info on building the ultimate head :) However i was more looking for historic use of roller rocker arms, but it has proven quite difficult.

Think we might end up with just trying to see if the guys from FIA Historic Dept can greenlight them if we buy them..

How´s your project coming along ? :)

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Hey Ruben

Im good, but very busy!!

the car is coming along quite well. But a little slower than i wanted.

The engine is all in, gearbox rebuilt with lots of new seals etc.. just having a reposition of the brakes due to space problems for clutch master cylinder.

I hope to have that finished this weekend.

then its exhaust, clutch, front brake mounts and steering. Well thats the big bits left :-)

then hope to look at starting her once the exhaust is finished and i figure out where all the injection bits fit :-)

How's things with you?


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