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I've wanted a Manta since i owned an Astra Gte about 15 years ago but working getting married and having a baby put a stop to that for a number of years until when looking to buy a house the nice chap I was buying the house from had one parked in his garage it had been there for 12 years and he offered to sell it to me when I mentioned that id been after one for as long as I could remember! what could I say but ok then, when I got home my wife looked at me and said you are the only person who I know that could go to look at a house and come back with a car!

its now in bits as I have been cleaning it up as it was not quite as good as it looks in the picture but its coming together nicely.

I have some questions but thought Id better introduce myself first.

Im sure I will ask a few questions so im going to Thank any one in advance for any answers given


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Hello Matthew and welcome to 'our' manta world.

Something odd going on with link, it connects to photobucket but i just get a grey square, no photo's.

Not only did you come home with a Car, i bet you were out looking for a good double garage that had a house attached....

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Hi there not sure whats going on with the images seems to work on mine, but have just tried to add some more pics and couldnt remember my password so its blocked me! poxy thing that will teach me for not noting my passwords down.Yeah I was deffinately looking for a double garage but where I live just getting a house with a drive is mega expensive so a single garage or even a lean to thats dry would be good. At the moment im inbetween homes but luckily I have an understanding friend whos lent me his garage/ drive to work on the car but no power or light so its only getting worked on in fair weather so its slow going at the moment but its making me take my time I suppose. I will try and add some more pics when I get back into photobucket.

dont suppose you can suggest a suitable front brake upgrade for the exclusive or suggest what the best options are? would like to keep the standard wheels. your help is appreciated.

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Speak to mantasrme on this forum he does upgrades for front brakes using Audi front vented discs, you will need the Astra/Vectra 16V 52/24? brakes (which you can source from a scrappy)

Welcome to the forum, great story something I would do if given the chance. :ph34r:

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