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Manta 1.8 Coupe


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I'm planning on selling my Manta in the next couple of months, any idea on what it's worth or should I just put it on ebay or break it?

The good bits:

All bushes (except for rear anti roll bar) have been changed for superflex

Spax adjustable dampers all round

Choice of either +40mm or -40mm springs

SD rollcage with removable diagonal & door bars

Blydenstein B+ Head with mk1 Astra GTE injection system or alternatively I could replace it with the original head and weber carb

All welding has been done to chassis, floor, etc.

Irmscher early type twin headlight kit

Fibreglass bonnet

Disc brakes on back

Bias Pedal Box

4 branch manifold

Magnecor KV85 leads

Choice of (Manta B) black bumpers that give more clearance on front or standard bumpers

Adjustable Panhard Rod

GTE alloys in either white, silver or black/silver

Bad Bits

Ex road rally car so hasn't had a easy life!

Bodywork - needs filling and painting

Rollcage could do with repainting

Sunroof has been plated and filled

Needs new dash top & roof lining

Brake lines and fuel line are inside the car, but one of the fuel lines need changing

To be removed from the car and replaced with standard items where applicable, unless someone wants to make a serious offer:

ZF LSD axle with steel torque tube

Wilwood midlite brake kit

Quick Rack with 2 new stainless uv joints

TAS hydraulic handbrake

Sump Guard

Omex rev limiter

KC daylighters (inner headlamps)

Quick release steering wheel

Many spares also available at extra cost



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Oh bottom, just as I think about running a Manta in some form of motorsport possibly sprints you go and post this. Its exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for other than its not an A series, for which I have a load of parts. Decisions, decisions My only question is how much? :wacko:

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The A series will be eligible for historic series, as for my car I have no idea what it's worth.

I've had the car 15 years and had loads of fun in it, I hate doing bodywork and lost interest in it over the years but I still drive it daily to work.

Ideally the roof would need changing as the filler keeps cracking, I've got a replacement in the shed.

I would also change the arches again if I was keeping it as my friend put these on and got the panels to hot so they warped meaning too much filler. Better still replace the rear quarters with the panels that Titson is selling

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I don't blame you for the shameless plug! It's already been used for road rallying - the car was better than the driver!

When I rallied it, the brakes were off a 2.2 Carlton, the axle had no lsd and the engine was standard apart from the weber carb.

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Emyr, bad news you are selling, I have only met you a couple of times but I hope you will remain involved in the club. You have been really helpful to me and your Manta decals were superb! I must get those GT/J decals off you too!

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