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Gte Clutch Kit Wanted


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this might be it , although i think the original brand was borg and beck , you might want to get that or a LUK one .

QH is ok but not my favorite




theres a fair few there on ebay , but you might have better luck at a local independent factors.

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Standard clutch is 203mm and there was also a 215mm version and the heavy duty 228mm one.

I seem to remember that they all fit the same flywheel just need the matching clutch cover for the friction disc size.

There's a couple of cheap clutch covers on e-bay at 99p and theres this one very cheap for a full clutch http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281128041245

Of course If you're not in a hurry i'm sure there will be loads at Billing.

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