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Opel Manta 1.8S With 2.0Seh


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Some of you on the forum maybe familiar with this car, was known on the forum as Vienna, just gauging interest right now as I am thinking of selling it, it's a 1.8s fitted with a 2.0seh engine (re-con motor from Vauxhall) less than 7000 miles., head has had work, ported and polished I believe, r1 carbs, big disc conversion on and rear disc conversion. AVO adjustable shocks and lowering springs, braided hoses, Ashley exhaust, 1.8 dizzy, gte interior and airdam front bumper, brand new rear spoiler fitted, and brand new bumper in primer ready for paint comes with it, car has been stored in my garage an used only 10-15 times since I bought it in April, loads of receipts with the car, approx 170 bhp and does 15.5 second quarters at 90mph on shit tyres. Handles great, drives really good, any info or photos can be emailed. If I am to sell it next month it will come with 6 months tax and 6 months mot. Body is in very good condition, few slight blemishes in paintwork but car is solid with pretty much no rust or rot apart from o/s/f wing but can supply a replacement wing. Asking £2000 ono. Open to px on other classic Vauxhalls

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Nothing really major, mostly just a few creature comfort upgrades for him.

It'll get a power steering kit, alarm and central locking (as he lives in Newport :ph34r: )

He also wants a decent stereo and some speakers as he likes loud music.

Might sort out the bonnet painting and any other little bits. Possibly a set of quad lamps If he wants them

Might find him some 15" alloys

Apart from that i'll just go through everything and make sure its Ian proof (he's not that mechanically minded)

So a full service and probably several test drives, just to make sure its reliable ;)

Then put a box of spares in the boot with fuses,bulbs,coil,my phone number etc etc as he's a long way from me to fix the little things

Other than that we'll have to wait until i see the car in the flesh again and go around it, i know most of what Joe did to it which saves me doing the brakes and suspensions etc.

I will also take several pictures of it and start him a topic on here.

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