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Ate Brake Master Cylinder For Sale New


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I am giving everybody in the OMOC first refusal on this for a week before advertising elsewhere.

Purchased an ATE Maste cylinder from eBay but does not fit my Manta.

Part number 03.2120-1981.3.

It does not have the reservoir but it is brand new in the box.

I only want what I paid for it and that is £45 including p&p within UK.

If interested, please contact me.


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Please be aware that the brake master cylinder you have for sale is for LHD vehicles & will not fit RHD Mantas & Cavaliers.


The part number for a RHD Manta/Cavalier from 1977 with this shape reservoir is 03.2120-0538.3




Here is a link to where they can be bought.



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Its nothing to do with right hand drive or left hand drive.

its the brake system. Early delco system had wide bolt gap

Ate and bosch also made the same cylinder for opel

Later master cylinders made by ate for opel and went to narrower gap on bolts.

cant get on the link but i have just bought an ate cylinder from same seller wide bolt gap with reservoir.

for an a series brake system changed to all ate after 1978 iirc narrower reservoir feed to master

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