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Hi Folks

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Back in '90 I became the owner of an immaculate, '87 Polar White GTE Hatch automatic. Couple of years later my partner passed her test but she couldn't drive it so we traded it in for a poultry grand!! Only ever had one picture of it which has long been lost. D646 AFH I did a dlva search and seems to be long gone. I'm in a position to get another one now so I'm gonna keep an eye out on the forum and other sites. Great memories and a super car to drive, well I loved and cherished it anyway ;-). With the benefit of hindsight I would have said no - we keep it.

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Hi nick

Hope all goes well in your search for a manta.

Where in kent are you. I'm near canterbury.

I'm sure smiffy(dave) will post something up soon. He is the area rep for the south east.

We have quote good numbers in the kent/essex and surrounding areas.

We have a pub meet once a month normally on the A127 in essex at the halfway house pub.

There's one this Sunday. Pop along if your are free.

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Welcome along Nick, good luck in your search for another manta. As Brian has said, meet this Sunday and you'd be only too welcome along to say hi. I think Stuart is coming also from Sittingbourne way in his immaculate black GTE hatch. You should try and cadge a lift!!

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welcome Nick!


whats a poultry Grand? Must have something to do with chickens I guess......?


good luck in your hunt for another manta!

I think sutty what was meant by that was it was sold very cheap by todays standards for a paltry grand (1k or £1000 ). ;-)

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