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Opel Manta A Series with BMW E30 halo lights (Angel eyes)


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I don't normally bother to post in this section as i have my own little blog for all my updates on the Manta. (www.theopelproject.com )

But i thought one or two of you might like to see the Angel eyes fitted to the A series. It's been a while getting round to fitting them and i hope it a good solution. Any comments welcome :-)

More pics on the blog of how they are fitted, etc..

Just got to finish wiring them in and adjusted!! and will post some pics on the blog later in the week of them on at night, so do pop back later in the week!!



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4 hours ago, Kevin Abbott said:

Very nice modification :thumbup

Thanks :-)

2 hours ago, wayne ingham said:

Looking very nice and you can see in the dark

Only in the garage, be a while before i get to use them to see where im going at this rate!!

1 hour ago, turbo16n said:

How  much did the adaptors cost to have made?

I got them from this place (http://www.admetalspinners.co.uk/) as they are just around the corner from me. Paid £40, but it works like this. They have a template machined from steel which they use to form the metal sheet over to get the shape and its mostly used for big runs, like 100's of air ducts etc.. and would normally cost a few hundred quid for them to make them to the right size and shape, but as they keep all the ones they have made they basically said have a rummage around the 7'000 we have and see what you can find! so after about an hour i have managed to find two (as the outer light needs a bigger internal hole) that were very close to my home made mockups, so they made me the 4, so i was very lucky. The other thought was to make them by welding the parts to make that shape. As you can see i couldn't get the inner ones to have quite a big enough outer flange like the outer ones so need to get those tabs welded on. I would have like to have just screwed them on like the outer, but i couldn't get the exact match template for that one. If you know someone good at metal work you could get the same effect from making them. They did my fuel tank flange (pic on the blog)




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