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hi from new member


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hello to everybody on here im newish to the manta scene just bought my second one, the first i bought was about 18 years ago it was a left hooker and had various panels off one of russel brookes works cars, all the panel had slight damage so ended up on this car it was also fitted 5 stud 8 x 15 ronals but the conversion was so bad i threw it away the 5 stud hubs were welded direct onto the 4 stud hub ,i wish i had taken photos of it it was that bad , i only had it a few days to strip it and the parts were advertised in motorsport news (motoring news back then),ive now just bought a 1.8 manta fitted with a 2.0xe with 400 kit all is just trial fitted and requires stripping and fitting up properly then painting will add pictures latter need a few bits and some advice as i go along though i have no room for it as yet so is still put up in  a lock up hope to make room in the new year for it

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Hi, sounds like a great project to get your teeth in to. Plenty of people on here to help you with your car.

I have a 400r with XE (from a GTE) so have a lot of info and pictures if you require assistance. I just need to do the finishing touches on mine as I have hardly used it since building it up.


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