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wiring dizzy for redtop on 45s


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You need as i said 1.8 coil pack or gte coil pack, sell what you have on ebay. If you are desperate i may have what you need in unit will look tomorrow. Send me a pm to remind me. Sure manta doc has a few in his spares dept. Easy to wire up ask gary manc for a pick of his set up.

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1 hour ago, mantadoc said:

Does not seam strange to me.  You have three people here with working cars and probably 40 - 60 years history of this stuff telling you how it works..............

...............and you have non-working stuff.


These Dizzys are used on many cars.  For example Ifitted the 1.8 Manta coil and loom / amp to mates VW recently jus because it has the same dizzy connector.

Different amps are used on different cars with them.  Basically you need to either look up the part no and pin out of your amp and work it through or take our word for it, whether we are right or wrong.

Sorry I'm not questioning what you guys are saying if anything you have been nothing but very helpful and I greatly appreciate that. I'm just saying the guy said it should work but I can't get to but that's probably  down to  my lack of knowledge of it.

2 hours ago, garymanc said:



Thanks Gary what is that black cable going into the dizzy and coil.

1 hour ago, mantadoc said:

From here



Note different manufacturers AMPs for diffrerent applications may have different pin outs.  Your responsibility to check you do no harm to your stuff., not ours.

Thanks very much mantadoc.

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i don't know anything about electrics myself so i could not tell you 

the one on the blue connector goes to the connection on the coil nearest the bulkhead 

the other one is to a connection on the coil with other wires spliced in 

Rutts kindly wired up my car so it ran 

maybe as Rutts has said you have the wrong coil as i can't see any wires connecting to the blue plug on the dizzy in your pictures 

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