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Manta GT/E


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Hi guys,


Always regretted selling my GT/J a few years ago and would love to get back into the drivers seat.

I'm currently out of the country till December but I thought id put the feelers out to see if anyone might be willing to part with a suitable vehicle when I come back.


What i'm looking for ideally is this:

Manta GT/E, coupe or hatch i'm not fussed.

Would like it to be mostly solid bodywork wise, however I am flexible (I know they suffer with the tin worm).

Ideally a running vehicle although mechanical work is not a problem for me.

Good interior as finding decent replacement interior parts is difficult these days.


Id consider pretty much anything so try me! Budget is flexible for the right car.





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I will be selling a Manta GT/E hatchback, it's just having paint now and will be ready. It's very rare as it's one of the last GT/Es sold in the uk with a MEGA rare recaro interior. (Pics are before I stripped it to paint it) 

It has had a few tasteful things swap and changed 

400 style mirrors, exclusive rear bumper, rear infill, brand new GM back box, quad headlights, black exclusive alloys, new radio (original supplied with car), uprated and lowered springs.

This car has had all the work done in order for it to last many years to come. Full respray (to smarten it up), new wing, all inside waxoyled, fullly serviced, new fuel lines (front to back), new battery, new fuel pump, new headlights, new front discs and pads, new rear drums and cylinders. 

I was building it to keep but new house forces sale. £4995 and car will be fully MOT'd, expect it to be finished in a month. 






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"... MEGA rare recaro interior". You missed out the beige word! ;)

Such a pity you are having to sell it. I could be very tempted knowing it will be a good one, but not sure if I could live with the interior. 

I think you are underselling it at £4995. I was expecting at least £6k. It does have that 'unique' selling point! :D


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To be honest, I hated the interior. But after working on it and removing and refitting it, it is nice. Its grown on me and its nice because its rare and a little different that complements the bodywork colour too. 

The pictures do make it look 'browner' than it actually is. When i removed the interior under the back seat was the original build sheet! its just a great untouched car and the interior is like new (it was stored in a barn for 19 years)

As for the price I just need it gone asap for money and space reasons but it will make a great car as i built it to last. There is a project thread on here of it too. 

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All joking aside, I agree, it is different, and as you say does compliment the Platinum paintwork. The seats themselves are nice. It's the 3 tone plastic bits (door cards/upper & lower dash & the Instrument pod) I'm not so keen on.

Have read through the build thread a few times. I can't see you being stuck with it for long. A bargain for somebody for sure!


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