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I've been stupid again


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Morning all,

During my exhaust replacement work I decided to inspect the (twin) wiring for the oil pressure sender and gauge. I found some melting and chafing, so fixed that and refitted the wiring. To get the two end connectors easily through the metal loop on the back of the block I decided to cable tie them together. This make it a doddle to get them through, but then I moved onto the next job, forgetting what I had done.

Long story short I turned on the ignition, the needle shot round to max, and there it still sits... Doh!!

Have I done some lasting electrical damage to something? How do I get the needle back to zero?

Feeling pretty dumb at the moment, but there you go its too late now :(

As always, your help and advice is appreciated.

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Dont panic mr mannering ! If the needle went over to max and got stuck its easily released with a sharp tap on the front of the guage. If the wires are the wrong way round it will go straight to max again when you start the engine but the oil light will have varying brightness .it sounds like you have just got a loose or bad connection on the sender unitThey are very prone to this due to the heat. But seriously dont worry about the guage and you have done no damage ! !



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