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i having trouble bleeding down my new Cooper Brake lines .

The front  calipers bled down very easily and the the discs lock when you Brake . 

The new rear wheel cylinders won’t bleed down but there are no leaks anywhere on the system .

The Autodoc wheel cylinders have long bleed nipples that once slackened off seem to rock when bleeding .

I only turned them a half turn to bleed them but they definitely rock .

have I bought rubbish cylinders or can I replace the nipple with a better product . What size and thread would I buy ? 

Not keen on Autodoc as there is always a problem with their parts .








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You should always bleed the furthest wherl first, rear passanger, drivers passanger, passangers front, finish on drivers front.

All bleed nipples are the same, or at least, take one with you and get new ones to suit, it could be the point thsts making em rock, this is also the shut off. 

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Yes I did bleed up the rear first and they seemed air free on both sides 

Then I did the fronts without a problem with no air bubbles at all 

I then checked the back again and had the problem .

I wanted to order on line as I wouldn’t know where to buy them .

Main  dealers won’t look without a part number and just say they have no records .

They don’t rock when tightened off so they seat fine .

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Did you allow the master cylinder to empty if you have this must be blead first.also air can be drawn back past the threads on bleed nipples when using the one man bleed kit.i aslo  bought two rear cylinders from autodoc and yes same problem.

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