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2.0 Berlinetta vacuum mix up


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Thanks for all the previous help 

I didn’t pay attention to where all the damaged and missing vacuum hoses went in my 2.0 Berlinetta with a Weber carb .

1- There is a vacuum connection on the carburettor body down near the inlet manifold . I assume this runs the advance and retard on the distributer ?

2- The vacuum hose Union on the servo pipe has two connections .

I think the LH connection as you face it connects to the rigid pipe coming up from behind the rear of the engine . Not sure what this pipe does .

3- The other connection RHS I believe connects to a rubber pipe going to the rocker housing vent hole 

4- Air filter box . I have connected the hose between the actuator and the flap . There is another shorter hose that by shape drops downwards from the air filter box but I have nowhere to connect it .

Hence I’m wrong somewhere .

Could anybody assist please ?

Happy to say I sorted out my leaking rear wheel cylinders .

It was the dodger Autodoc bleed nipples that leaked when one man bleeding so I went back to two people bleed and it prevented sucking in air .





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hi. yes the vacuum advance will go to the stub on the carburettor.

the rocker cover breather small pipe usually goes to a straight stub actually on the manifold just under the carb.( usually blocked as its a very small hole !)yours may not have this hence the second pipe ? ? but never seen it that way ?

the servo 12mm hose connects to the screw in piece which also has a small stub on its left which goes up to the air filter temperature valve and then a pipe from this valve to the flap at the front of the air filter box.

absolutely never seen a pipe dissapearing down the back the engine unless its an auto and its the vacuum valve at the back of the box

hope this helps


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Hi All 

Yes it’s an auto so explains the vacuum pipe to gearbox which I think I’ve got right .

I will check the other connections tomorrow .

Its a Webber carb so the Manual shows a couple but not all the pipes .

I will have another look tomo but it starts on the button ( single flick on the key ) runs , drives and changes  gear ok so getting there .

Bit of a reverse gear selection clunk but the idle speed is a bit high so think that’s the cause .

Otherwise getting through the list of issues after 25 years in a garden .After doing loads of welding , panel changes ( rear quarter !!) and bodywork I don’t mind a few hose problems when I can ask for help 

Thank you all again for taking the time to help !


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