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Manta A rev counter, S badge, Manta B later steering wheel


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After the above;

Rev counter to replace the clock on the right of my binnacle in a 71 Ascona

The ‘S’ badge, believe the correct one is a polished front with red edges?

The set of gauges/dials that sit below the stereo on some Manta As and the bits to fit them, surround etc

Also after the later B steering wheel, like the one shown in the photo below (ideally in better condition!)



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Really nice Ascona A: welcome to the club!

If you already have your preferred steering wheel, get it recovered in leather.  The rubber ones are now 40-odd years old and usually feel it.

I had mine on my Manta A recoverd by Royal Steering Wheels (royalsteeringwheels.com) a few years back and it transformed the driving experience - a real pleasure every time I drive the Manta.  It's your most tactile point of contact with the car.  It cost me about £120, and worth every penny.

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Got a couple of A series dash boards with rev counters in them, not tested but they came out of working cars.

I also use to have the 3 gauges and the pod but would need to check the loft to see if its still up there.


I can check later and send pics for you.



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