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Body work refinisher

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Woooo, thats an expensive tool, would pay for itself, suppose. How good would it be in tight spots, and curves in bodywork, eg enginebay

Ive two shells, bodywork that could do with it. Both are original paint, both have been glass blasted, treated, cured, and need stone chipped, so its bodywork time! 

question is would the head last, or is there a similar head for drill, grinder, or variable mopping machine? 

Great find Pete

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Watched all the videos, that refinisher tool, as really a glorified grinder, the head does the work, a variable finishing tool would be better, but the power usually on full wack. You can control power to a grinder wirh a light dimmer switch. Looks like dirty, dusty work, and hard work at that,

That laser, i want it, its like being a super hero, amazing.

After a week of removing that rubbery underseal from a car body, blow torch, scrappers, blades, thinners and first go a glass blasting, what an experience that was! Of course ive never tried it before and apparently a car body is the hardest thing to do bar the inside of a sphere! 

Its amazing the new tech out there for every process, i was told about an expoxy primer, ordered it, started putting it on underneath of manta car body, which was cleaned and prepped, left it a few days, what a job, it even looks tight, flat and factory done, really hard to remove too, should be a good thing. 

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