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Door glass adjustment


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Yes, but you need to take the door card off and reposition the glass on the mechanism. Loosen the 13mm bolt and slide the glass back a bit.



Once you do this you will have to adjust lots of other things that do door glass bumpstop duty.


It's Pandora's box to be honest. 

There are two height adjustment blocks on 10mm bolts along the top of the door 

There are two 10mm bolts that adjust rake on the latch end of the door and the mirror/window guide assembly has a rake adjustment just in front of the winder stud. Again 10mm but this one has a screw thread too so you can get the front of the glass rake right.

Beware moving the glass back too much as it will mean it make a gap at the front by the mirror triangle.

Take your time, have a brew on hand and be prepared to get it perfect but as soon as you hang the door card it mucks it all up an you have to put some slack in to make up for the door card.

Hateful job !

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