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In the old days i'm sure SafetyDevices listed 2 cages for the manta coupe, sunroof (meaning the factory metal sunroof) or non sunroof versions. The sunroof version being shorter to clear the sunroof cassette bellow the roof.

Although you could fit a shorter one to a none sunroof car, the mounting platforms just needed to be slightly higher up to get a snug fit to the roof. Thats assuming its a normal style that need mounting platforms welding in rather than the legs going all the way to the floor at the front (which normally means the legs are in your way in the manta)

I've fitted several cages to manta's over the years from different manufacturers and they all fit slightly different, and can be mounted in different locations to a degree. The safety devices one in my coupe was mounted to be as close to the shell as possible all round. Doing this meant the standard door bars that came with the kit were too short to reach so i had to have longer door bars made.

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