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Cage trouble


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So I bought this as a coupe cage 6 point sparco bolt in 

Now I offered it up to the shell and a few things seem to be. Going on

1  It seems low  when offered to the centre inner roof support 

2. The rear legs that go to the rear arches attached to the main hoop are to short if I put the cage so the front legs are  where I am assuming they should go 

3. The feet plates have been cut off the cage to remove prior to me buying it I have the feet and there's been 10mm of the tube removed plus the 3 mm plate  that it's welded to so it's not that it's had  a big chunk removed  it's lost half an inch in height on the main tube  easily rectified  the other tubes are cut tight to the mounting plates so. Lost maybe 3_4 mm it doesn't  tally with how  short  it is.  In my opinion I know different manufacturers do it differently and I can add gusset plates for cage to body

Now I can. Build boxes on the inner cill  to add height to get the cage up as high as possible  and these pics are in no particular order but I pushed it back so the legs touch the arches....this meant the cage interfered with the wonder mechanism ...can't be right ..

forward so the front legs are close to the A posts and the main hoop is not in the centre of the middle inner roof support which IME assuming it should be in an ideal world and obviously the rear legs are short of the rear arches

IME assuming this is for a hatchback maybe ????



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Back in the day there was a shorter height cage for cars with the factory sunroofs in. But that shouldn't make it shorter front to back.

The cage in mine has feet that sit at the level of the top of the sill and crossmember behind seats. Infact the flat mounting plate goes across that join for the main hoop. The rear legs has a 1" extended mount welded to the inner arch to get the main hoop snug against the front of the B pillar of the shell.

SO snug infact that there are a couple of stitch welds between the 2. Front leg feet are again at the height of the sill top (bellow the flange weld joint the door seal fits to) and mine are pushed forwards a bit so they touch the A pillars by the window.

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Thanks Jess much appreciated


Is there's difference between the  hatch and coupe cage  apart from rear legs to rear arches


Would I be correct in thinking  get it as high as possible   touching the centre roof support  ...by means of mounting boxes welded to the inner cill

And and get it as far forward  as I can to the  A posts










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