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Green Ascona


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Thanks for the kind comments.

It's my second 2dr Ascona B. I've not had it for long, I imported it from Germany on 31st October this year. It is a totaly solid shell and has never been welded. It has been converted to 2.0 GT/E running gear by a previous owner, and has 2.2 brakes. Modifications to the engine are limited to a Lexmaul ram intake and Lexmauul 4-branch manifold and system plus a K&N filter, so it's not exactly quick, yet[;)] The wheels are 7.5x15" BBS RM and it has been lowered on back-breakingly stiff suspension. It has an Ascona 400 interior and a Momo wheel. More modifications to come but that's about it so far.

Here are somemore pictures;




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I'm not sure how many members of the OMOC use the Forum, but I'll bet the majority will be feeling a slight twinge of jealousy when they see these pictures. 'It's a cracker' as the saying goes.

Will you be bringing it to Billing for the national rally next July?



Did you notice when you began to disappear?

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Thanks Joe.

quote:Will you be bringing it to Billing for the national rally next July?


Yes, I'll be there. I missed it this year but I was there the previous year in my white 2dr (with petrol stain down the side, Doh!). I will also be going to Retro Cars Show '06.

At the moment it's immobile. It's lost compression on no1 cylinder so I need to do some investigation work but I suspect a valve/valve seat(good excuse for some modifications). It's a tad cold outside at the moment though and I'm struggling to find motorvation [:I]. I should have it out and about soon though.

Is there anyone else off this board from the Stoke and Crewe areas? I see a lot of nice Mantas about when the weather fine.


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